Our Partners & Affiliates
PointCross Life Sciences has been a CDISC Corporate Sponsor for many years, initially co-leading the development of the CDISC SEND standard.  PointCross is an CDISC Registered Solution Provider.  We offer analytics, data assurance and data standardization facilities for companies implementing the CDISC SEND standard.

PointCross Life Sciences is actively engaged with PhUSE on its Computational Science initiatives with the FDA and the industry at large.

The IMI eTOX JU project is developing a drug safety database from legacy content provided by the pharmaceutical industry and extracted from public toxicology data. The project aims to develop in silico strategies and software tools to better predict toxicological profiles of drug candidates. PointCross Life Sciences provides data conversion services to two of the largest participating Pharma companies. We deliver extracted data in standardized Structure-Data (SD) file formats to the eTOX Consortium.

PointCross Life Sciences has actively collaborated with the FDA since 2003 on the development of ToxVision software for validating and viewing SEND formatted datasets. Our technology has been successfully used in two pilots conducted by the FDA and the industry to fully test and validate both the original SEND 2.3 and current SEND 3.0 data standard.

Xybion partnered with PointCross to provide the Biopharma industry with a complete suite of data management, standards governance, data quality assurance and regulatory review solutions to comply with the FDA’s mandate requiring submission of CDISC SEND datasets. Xybion and PointCross have collectively found a varied state of awareness and readiness among drug companies and their contract research organizations to meet regulatory review expectations.

Xybion’s operational expertise and solutions coupled with PointCross’ capabilities offer customers the unique benefit of addressing the entire lifecycle of their Nonclinical research and regulatory data management, exploitation and submission needs.

PointCross entered into a partnership with Japan based CAC Croit in 2015. With many locations around the world CAC Croit provides solutions and services that support pharmaceutical companies in both contract services and IT systems solutions. PointCross has transferred its knowledge and experience in nonclinical data standardization to CDISC SDTM SEND format and the use of our ToxVision toxicology data browsers.

PointCross has partnerships with two important service providers in US and Japan.